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Over NextStep Solutions 15 year history we have served many types of clients. Now over the past few years, NextStep has found that its fastest growing market segment is in the Franchise Corporations and Franchise Owners marketplace. NextStep has been able to enhance the communication and relationship skills of many Franchise Owners converting their customers to crusaders. NextStep is employing its Relationship Selling ProcessĀ® to take small business owners that are struggling in a slow economy and raising their daily, monthly, yearly ROI.

NextStep Solutions' core and success are built upon the fact that peak performance is achieved when strategies and methods derived from training are converted to personal knowledge and habit. Once converted, a consistent application of the knowledge will in turn, create a series of successful habits that not only encompass one's professional life, but one's personal life as well.

NextStep is committed to creating maximum value and return on investment for all of our clients. These are achieved by not only creating business value but by moving each individual within an organization towards the reality that relationships do not end with a transaction but begin with one. At NextStep we truly believe that opening relationships and enhancing communication skills, are the keys to taking the next step!

NextStep's leadership and foundation are directly attributed to Jack Warkenthien, CEO and Founder. Jack is known as an international sales expert and radio personality. He has authored several books, including, "Life's A Sales Call", "Scoring From The Red Zone: How To Open More Sales", and "The Networking Game: How To Reduce Your Strokes and Increase Sales" Jack has recently been a Radio Personality, hosting a live, daily business talk show, titled "The Next Step with Jack Warkenthien" heard on BIZ Radio 1320/AM in numerous national markets. Click here for Jack's Bio.

Jack Warkenthien and NextStep Solutions are leading a new revolution that is changing sales training and business processes: Relationship Selling. Having created a world class sales training organization, NextStep Solutions wants to share real world ideas around one theme: "Life's A Sales Call!"

For more information regarding NextStep Solutions and how can effectively change your organization, contact us by selecting your favorite channel at the right.

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"The difficult I do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer."


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